We Need Training

I’ve made some realisations about how poorly we support the younger generations as they begin entering the workforce, thanks to recent experiences at work.  I’ve been fortunate enough to have helped develop succession plans. And I think they are very important. However, we put all the emphasis on the transfer of knowledge from the person […]

The Road to Doctor Me Part 1

Well, I can’t believe I’m here. I just got finished talking to my dissertation editor about timelines and it hit me, I am almost ready to submit my dissertation proposal for defense–my dissertation chair might have a different opinion about if it’s ready though. Regardless, getting to the point where I think the proposal is […]

Protected: My Research Questions

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

[Insert whatever adjective here]

Wow, the crap one hears at a coffeehouse.  Two YOUNG Stanford medical researchers sat next to me and were basically talking like a couple of stuck up asses.  “Nurses are essentially high school degrees… the nurses can go [eff] themselves with their safety checklists… I got yelled at for misplacing a surgical too and I […]

Crossroads in research

I haven’t blogged in a long time, but now is a good time to get some stuff out of my head and on paper. Sometimes just the act of writing helps me clear my brain and make decisions. Hopefully, some of you still click thru here and give me some feedback, because I do appreciate […]

Competitive Much?

I’ll let you all in on a little secret. Almost every night for who knows how long I’ve played solitaire on my phone, the Vegas cumulative version. This is the absolute last thing I do every night before I fall asleep (after I finish this post, I’ll play). It’s something I have to do to […]

I See The Future

I know I don’t blog much anymore. But I needed to get this down in writing, if for nothing else but than for myself. I have déjà veus, not as often as I used to but still often. I call them déjà veus but they are more like visions. Sometimes, I can clearly and completely […]

Sounds of the City

It’s funny what some of the things that are comforting to me. The sun is barely up on this Saturday morning. There’s almost no one out. The air is still, partly because the fog is sitting on top of everything. Around the corner comes one of those quiet electric muni buses. It pulls up to […]

Rainy Day

I have the hardest time studying, or concentrating on anything for that matter, when it’s raining outside. The rain distracts me. Even though I lived in Hawaii, where it rains plenty, I grew up in San Francisco and it never rains in the City. My childhood memories of rain are all of me staring out […]

Ebola is Here

Today, news broke that a patient in Dallas was diagnosed with the Ebola virus. This is the first diagnosis of Ebola in the United States, ever. My FaceBook timeline is flooded with links to the CDC news brief, articles from news outlets, and end of the world fears. Well, okay, that last statement is a […]