Money for School

Wow, how do people afford going back to school?  The last time I went back to school, I was employed full time with a good paying job.  I could afford the tuition, and still be able to live off of more than just Top Ramen and water.  This time, I’m not employed.  I don’t have disposable income for education.

I just spent the last three hours researching scholarships and loans.  In terms of scholarships, I can sum this up in three short words: there are none.  I mean it.  There are no scholarships or grants that I qualify for.  Almost all of the scholarships are for undergraduate degrees.  And, the most obvious scholarships for my case (injured in the line of duty) do not exist.  The closest scholarships for my situation are surviver benefits, if I had died.

One would think that someone injured in the line of duty and unable to return to work would qualify for some kind of scholarship or grant for education.  One would think.  I guess most people assume that when things go wrong in my profession, people die.  Yes, it does happen.  Yes, surviving family members need and deserve financial help.  But, for those of us fortunate enough to not die but not fortunate enough to be able to return to duty, we still need to provide for our families.

As far as loans go, there’s only one option.  I checked with my credit union.  They only provide loans for undergraduate degrees.  I checked some other sites, and there are super low interest loans for unions but my union doesn’t participate with these organizations.  So, this leaves me with one option, the Federal loan system.  I already have one loan with the Fed.  I didn’t really want to give them more money, but I guess that’s the only option.

I swear, the financing of higher education in this country sucks.

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  1. Ronni Says:

    It’s a system designed to keep the poor poor and the rich rich.


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