Rainy Day

I have the hardest time studying, or concentrating on anything for that matter, when it’s raining outside. The rain distracts me. Even though I lived in Hawaii, where it rains plenty, I grew up in San Francisco and it never rains in the City.

My childhood memories of rain are all of me staring out the window at the rain or running around in it. I should clarify, I mean the stuff most of the world knows as rain, not the heavy mist slash drizzle that San Franciscans sometimes call rain. Rain was something that rarely happened (and still rarely happens) in San Francisco.

I remember riding Powell Hyde cable car towards Ghirardelli Square, probably to get a hot fudge sundae. We were climbing up Jackson Street towards the left turn onto Hyde Street in Nob Hill, and there was a wall of grey in front of us.

There had been occasional showers earlier that day, but it was dry and the sky was clear. I think I was standing at the front of the cable car, hanging on to one of the poles, and I remember wondering “what is that wall of grey”? As we got closer, the cable car operator abruptly stopped the cable car, we were all looking in amazement at a literal wall of rain ahead of us a block away.

The cable car operator eventually started to move forward again, we couldn’t stay there forever. As the cable car entered this wall of rain, it was like entering a car wash. A sheet of rain fell in front of us, and as we moved forward, the cable car slowly became enveloped by the rain. The leading edge of that wall of rain was so definitive that you could literally stand at the edge of the rain with one arm in the rain and one arm outside completely dry. It was the first (and only) time that I have ever seen a such a dramatic rain transition, and one of the few times that I’ve seen such a strong downpour in San Francisco.

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