I See The Future

I know I don’t blog much anymore. But I needed to get this down in writing, if for nothing else but than for myself.

I have déjà veus, not as often as I used to but still often. I call them déjà veus but they are more like visions.

Sometimes, I can clearly and completely see what will happen for a short period of time right before it happens, usually 5-10 minutes worth of interaction or conversation. Enough that when it’s happening I can tell what will happen before the interaction ends. I usually–almost never–share what I’m seeing though.

Other times, the visions are a bit less clear, and they don’t unfold immediately. These visions remain as memories for days, or weeks, or even months before they present themselves in reality. Because their a bit vaguer, I generally just remember bits and the basic premise, not the whole word for word interaction.

The only reason I’m right this is because I just had one of the fleeting visions after watching “Isolate”, a surf documentary about West Papua.l

Update: Some of the vision just became clearer: The argument I saw was about who’s struggle is more important, West Papuan or someone else’s? I don’t know who the “someone else” is. I do realize (not part of the vision) that’s it’s not about who’s got the greatest struggle, but getting out the voices of all struggles.

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