Crossroads in research

I haven’t blogged in a long time, but now is a good time to get some stuff out of my head and on paper. Sometimes just the act of writing helps me clear my brain and make decisions. Hopefully, some of you still click thru here and give me some feedback, because I do appreciate all your opinions.

I’m at a crossroad with my research… I promise, I won’t write in academicese here.

I have been focusing a lot of my energy on researching workplace discrimination (think of unintended prejudice statements like “wow, you speak really good English” to an Asian American” or invalidating statements like “I don’t see why #bla.ckliv.esma.tter is important” to a Black person). So, my research has been focusing on the experiences of Filipinos in the workplace (specifically, RNs). Like what their experiences of workplace discrimination are and how those experiences make them feel.

So, first, my fear. I am not Filipino. And when I have talked about Filipino issues, sometimes people listen and talk with me, sometimes people ask my why I don’t research my own race (I’m mixed, it’s not that simple!), and sometimes I get attacked for not being “authentic” because I’m not Filipino. It’s just hard to want to go thru such a long process of continuing my research (and then a lifetime of talking about it) if I’m going to spend all my time validating my “authenticity” on the matter.

So, because I haven’t yet formally declared my focus, I can still alter it to look at something else, like people with international degrees in the workplace maybe.

Or, I can completely throwing everything upside down and find something completely different and new, because right now I feel like researching race and discrimination is a fruitless direction, especially when I fear being discriminated against because 1) I am not Filipino, and 2) because I am mixed and that makes me “unauthentic” for any other race.

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