The Road to Doctor Me Part 1

Well, I can’t believe I’m here. I just got finished talking to my dissertation editor about timelines and it hit me, I am almost ready to submit my dissertation proposal for defense–my dissertation chair might have a different opinion about if it’s ready though.

Regardless, getting to the point where I think the proposal is almost ready is huge. It means a lot of things are behind me. I remember when going back to school was just some crazy idea in the back of my head. I still don’t really remember what compelled me to start this adventure.

I do remember all of the anxiety of applying to the program, the joy and oh sh#t moment of getting accepted, and the what the hell have I gotten myself feeling at the orientation. The stress of starting the program was as intimidating as that first day of classes. I was so far out of my comfort zone. It wasn’t even funny.

And since then, I’ve suffered and succeeded at getting through the coursework. Some of it was fun, some of it was painful. I’ve probably written about some of the painful stuff here–being in a doctoral program doesn’t change people from being asses.

So, a long few years later, here I am, anxiously waiting again to see if my proposal gets accepted, and nervously waiting for the surely humbling experience of receiving edits–and these edits will be nothing compared to the “edits” that I will get from my committee after I defend my proposal.

I think I deserve some chocolate now.

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