We Need Training

I’ve made some realisations about how poorly we support the younger generations as they begin entering the workforce, thanks to recent experiences at work. 

I’ve been fortunate enough to have helped develop succession plans. And I think they are very important. However, we put all the emphasis on the transfer of knowledge from the person leaving the position. We nearly never plan for the transfer of knowledge (aka training) of the new person, especially for “entry level” positions. 

There are plenty of “entry level” professional positions, which in reality require a lot of experience. And here is where we have two problems. 

Problem number one: More and more employers think that the practice of expecting experience for entry level jobs is fine, candidates will get experience somewhere. But there are fewer and fewer places for candidates to actually get their first work experiences. 

Problem number two: Because employers think of their “entry level” positions as requiring often extensive experience, they neglect to develop or even realise the need for training and development programs for new hires. It is arrogant and short sided for employers to believe that they can always find well qualified candidates for entry level positions. And they are setting up new candidates, and the organizations, for failure. 

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