Many people have criticized me for the sometimes abrasive and rude ways I express my displeasure for how others treat me. I’ve been told that my use of profanity in literature and discussions degrade my statements to the same levels of the people discriminating against me. I have learned over the years that describing the […]

Not Illegal

Recently, my wife, son, and I stopped by a neighborhood Starbucks for a morning cup of coffee. The Starbucks was bustling with activity – I long underestimated the addiction to caffeine until I started drinking coffee after my son was born. As we unbuckled my son from his car seat, my wife and I both […]

Dream On

The reason I am back in school is because of that feeling of being able to tackle the world, that feeling of unrestricted hope. Remember, in college, how anything in the future felt attainable? When dreams were more than just “unrealistic” wishes? That’s the spirit that fills university halls. I do wonder, though, if that […]

Destiny is Dead

I recently got one of the worst grades on an assignment in a long time, and it made me start to doubt myself.  Then, through all this doubt and some self pity, I realized that I stopped believing in myself.  Sometime ago, I started letting my circumstances define my results.  I started focusing on the […]

A Story A Day

My wife bought me a book by Andrew Zuckerman, Wisdom Ideas, for my birthday. I’ve been reading a quote/story of wisdom everyday from it. Just one story a day, so I can take time to reflect daily about the story, and about how the story might help me be stronger. Even if the circumstances of […]

Turn the Page

I just ran into two people who know me really well.  I was updating them on why I left the commission, how my son is doing, and a few other rather major developments in life.  They both knew bits and pieces of some of the stuff, never the whole story, and neither knew I lost […]

Double Standards

I find it rather disappointing how poorly I get treated by women, when I’m pushing baby boy in a stroller or carrying him. I’ll just tell the worst story. I was headed into a coffeehouse. Opened the door with one hand and was maneuvering baby boy’s stroller with the other hand. Instead of offering to […]

2013 in Brief

Two thousand and thirteen began with a big change for us.  The first significant change happened when I decided to return to school for my doctoral degree —  technically, I made that decisions in 2012, and it was classes that started in 2013.  Side note (becauseI know I will be reminded of this later): I […]

Rare Free Time Ramble

I know I’ve been neglecting my blogs (this one and baby boy’s) for a long time now. Frankly, I’ve been way too busy with fatherhood and school to find time to blog. And, what little I do talk about online is only on social media. That doesn’t mean I’ve given up on blogging. I don’t […]

You Are What You Wear

I haven’t blogged much lately (understatement, I know), but I was watching the news this evening and one of the reports really hit a nerve that I need to vent about. The Martin/Zimmerman verdict has been monopolizing much of the media discussion. A lot of that discussion has been about Black American males and the […]